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Above videos are testimonials from actors who have attended our previous L.A. Networking Weeks.
Get insight into why these Networking Weeks are so critical for your career in Hollywood.

L.A. Networking Week

To learn more about past L.A. Networking Weeks Click Here.

The networking week is a great first step to testing the waters to see what opportunities are out there in L.A. This trip will help you make an informed decision on whether L.A. is the place for you and your career before you apply for the O-1 visa. 

Already have your O-1 visa? The L.A. Networking Week is perfect for you as well! Come to L.A., meet with industry professionals and then stay to work if the opportunity presents itself!

We have numerous actors who have done the Networking Week twice
. The first time is as a ‘go see mission’. After the trip is a success, they return home and apply for their visa. Once they are approved, they attend the week again so that they are legally allowed to work if offered a job during one of the meetings.

A lot of these actors are now signed by L.A. representation from the introductions during the Networking Weeks

Everybody has heard fairytale stories of actors coming to L.A. and finding their dream job. After all, Hollywood is indeed called, the city of dreams. However, this is not the reality for most actors.

You need a competitive edge to stand out from other actors, and Industry Hollywood is here to help you do just that. 

Actors who participate in the L.A. Networking Week have the opportunity to meet with:

Casting directors from major feature films and television
Executive producers
Acting agents
Production company representatives
Top acting coaches

What does L.A. Networking Week include?
L.A. Networking week is an intense, 7 day trip. You'll be attending 3 to 5 meetings per day with industry professionals such as casting directors, management companies, agencies and more. Everyday will start at about 8am and go to about 7pm with time for meals.

All prices include access to all meetings and workshops, transportation around L.A. and seven nights accommodation (with your own room). Participants are responsible for flights, meals, transportation to and from the airport, travel insurance, and any other expenses. If you have your own accommodation in L.A. that will reduce the price of the week. Please contact us for further details.

How do I apply?
Base on strict eligibility criteria, a small group of actors are selected by our team after careful review of experience, training and the ability to conduct themselves professionally. If you are interested in attending the week, please click the Apply Now button and attach your CV and headshot, or your Spotlight link if you are from the UK.

Also include a brief summary of your experience and why you feel that you would benefit from attending the L.A. Networking Week.

Ready to come to L.A.?

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Still have questions?
Check out the FAQ page.

Apply for Networking Week

See a sample timetable from a past L.A. Networking Week.

Click here to learn more about past L.A. Networking Weeks

L.A. Networking Week Pricing:

GBP: £2,500 (Inclusive HTL)
£2000 (Without HTL)
USD: $3,600 (Inclusive HTL)
$2,500 (Without HTL)
AUD: $4,800 (Inclusive HTL)
$3,800 (Without HTL)

Please note that these meetings are for educational purposes only. This is a training workshop, not an audition for employment. In order to seek employment, you’re required to have the proper working papers. The majority of international clients attending this week do not possess the proper paperwork and therefore these meetings are purely educational.

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