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The above videos are testimonials from the actors who had their O-1 Visa approved with the help of Industry Hollywood.

Past L.A. Networking Week

Your days will be chock full of meetings, workshops, and master classes – we usually schedule at least 3 - 5 meetings per day. It's an intense week, but it's well worth the effort. When you decide to make the big move to L.A., you will already have an established network of industry participants, so you can dive right into your U.S. acting career as soon as you arrive.

Watch our video and read below to see some examples of L.A. Networking industry participants.

Past actors* were given the chance to gain valuable insight into the Hollywood entertainment industry by meeting with:


Ready to come to L.A.?

The next LA networking week:

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See a sample timetable from a past L.A. Networking Week.

L.A. Networking Week Pricing:

GBP: £2,300
USD: $3,200


Fern Cassel
Kim Foster-McCollum
Chadwick Struck
Beth Lipari
Chuck McCollum
Lisa London
Paul Weber
Jeremy Gordon
Catherine Stroud
Michael Testa
And many more!


Pen Densham
Matthew Rhodes
Lance H Robins
Gloria Morrison
Dan Ireland
Todd Slater
Charles Haid
Paul Lynch
Peter Foldy
Eric Louzil
And many more!

Previous weeks have had a chance to meet with some of the top agents at the top five talent agencies in L.A. We’ve met with powerhouse agents, mid-level agencies and boutique agencies to ensure you have good insight into the options that are available in the L.A. entertainment industry. Unfortunately we are not allowed to release any names of those we’ve hosted educational meetings with.

All prices include access to all meetings and workshops, transportation around L.A. and seven nights accommodation  (with your own room). Participants are responsible for flights, meals, transportation to and from the airport, travel insurance, and any other expenses. If you have your own accommodation in L.A. that will reduce the price of the week. Please contact us for further details.

*We are unable to release the names of who will be involved in meetings with upcoming Networking Weeks in order to protect the privacy of these people. Please read more in our FAQ.

Please note that these meetings are for educational purposes only. This is a training workshop, not an audition for employment. In order to seek employment, you’re required to have the proper working papers. The majority of international clients attending this week do not possess the proper paperwork and therefore these meetings are purely educational.

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