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Individual Consultations



Are you ready to schedule your 45-minute individual Skype consultation? We will contact you for scheduling when payment has been received. Still have questions? Check our FAQ page.

Do you already have your visa? Or do you have specific questions you need answered? Simply schedule an individual consultation with one of Industry Hollywood's team members. You can schedule a Skype conference from anywhere in the world!

Our team members have been through the process themselves. Industry Hollywood has advised more than 300 international actors through the visa process, helping them start a career in Hollywood.

They will walk you through the steps required to get an entertainment visa, starting with which lawyers and visa coordinators to work with. The lawyers and coordinators we work with have a strong track record of successfully securing many of Industry Hollywood’s actor’s visas.

While a lawyer will help you file the paperwork, they can’t help you with the two most vital components of the visa process: work offers and deal memos. Industry Hollywood will educate you on how to obtain sponsorship, and go to L.A. with a competitive edge over other international actors and entertainers.

Your consultation will be completely tailored to you and your needs. Included in every one-on-one consultation is example template letters to help you save time drafting them, we will show you how to strengthen your application before you speak to a lawyer, and we can show you the best way to showcase your previous work and press. We have a network of inexpensive publicists that can help to boost your PR and get you the publicity that you need.

Finding the right types of acting jobs for you
L.A. acting coaches who might be a good fit
Living and working in Hollywood

If you have read our FREE Visa and Sponsorship Information Pack, you may have even more questions now than you did before. In your individual consultation, we'll help you understand the legal jargon and clearly outline the entire process in a way that you will easily understand. One hour with Industry Hollywood can save you countless hours (and cash)
during the visa application process.

Even if you already have an O-1 visa, Industry Hollywood can help answer any questions you have
about the realities of acting in America. What kind of insurance do you need?

Do you need an agent or a manager? How do you meet key industry players?
(Hint: Networking Week is a good place to start!).

Contact us at [email protected] for pricing and scheduling.

Want some help navigating the visa legal jargon? Then perhaps you should sign up for one of our Visa Seminars!
Ready to go to Hollywood? Then find out more about our L.A. Networking Week.

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