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Visa Seminars

We have successfully helped more than 300 international actors obtain entertainment visas and sponsorship!

Industry Hollywood’s visa seminars are the best opportunity to start educating yourself with how to navigate the visa system efficiently and cost effectively. At the same time, you’ll gain valuable career advice for when you’ve arrived in L.A., which will give you a serious competitive advantage.

If you're unable to attend the Visa Seminar,
or if you're looking for answers to specific
questions. Sign up to our One-on-One
consultation. We will contact you for
scheduling once we have received payment.


While an immigration lawyer will help you file the paperwork required to obtain your O-1 visa, they don’t have the contacts to help you get the two most important components in the process: sponsorship and deal memos. Hollywood can help you sort through the legal jargon, advise you on the best way to get an O-1 visa, find a sponsor in the U.S., and help you jump-start your acting career in America.

If you are interested in acting or other entertainment jobs in America, attending our O-1 Entertainment Visa Seminar will be the most valuable three hours you can spend. Please note that these seminars are conducted outside of the US and are intended for actors who do not live in the US. In addition to visa advice, our comprehensive Visa Seminar includes valuable information about:

Finding an immigration lawyer/visa coordinator
Getting a visa sponsor/Sourcing work offers/deal memos
Finding acting agents in L.A.
Identifying the best acting classes in L.A.
Managing finances and insurance
Understanding the inner workings of the U.S. acting industry
Inside information about acting in Hollywood

Although Industry Hollywood team members are not immigration lawyers or visa coordinators, we have successfully helped more than 300 international actors obtain entertainment visas and sponsorship. Several of these actors have also participated in the educational Networking Week, further increasing their chances of success in the entertainment industry in Hollywood.

The Visa Seminar is also useful for musicians, artists, stuntmen, production crew, and any other position in the entertainment business.

Already have a visa? Then perhaps an individual consultation will be more informative so that you can ask questions specific to your situation. Or, are you ready to come to L.A.? Then sign up for our next L.A. Networking Week and get a competitive edge in the industry!

2019 Visa Seminar Dates



Saturday 15th February  2020 - 11am to 2pm  [Price £75.00]

The Cockpit Theatre, Gateforth Street, London, NW8 8EH (Nearest Tube/ Train  Marylebone )

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TBC [Price £75.00]
The LAB, 1 Foley St., Ireland
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TBC  [Price £75.00]
Ballybane Enterprise Centre, Galway, Ireland
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TBC [Price TBC]






TBC [Price TBC]





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