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Success Stories

Above are a few of the 300 actors we’ve successfully helped get their O-1 visas.

Industry Hollywood has helped me secure my working papers in L.A. and I attended the L.A. Networking week in 2012 where I signed with my L.A. representation. Fast forward two years, I’m now living in L.A. and I have booked 11 jobs in the last 12 months and I’m in the process of securing my green card. For anyone thinking of coming to explore the opportunity here in L.A., Industry Hollywood is your best shot at getting the right up to date info, insight and help you need to set a plan of action.

Abi Titmuss, UK


Through the guidance of Industry Hollywood, I obtained my O1 visa in less than four months, was offered representation by four different managers/agencies and had auditions for a major new TV series and a Broadway show.

In 2014, I was cast to play Arthur in the TV series Arthur & Merlin to premiere in 2015.

Kirk Barker, UK

I attended the LA Networking Week in November 2013. It was an action packed week and we met so many different people from the industry including directors, casting directors, acting coaches, agents and managers. The week has so many meetings and auditions with some of the leading representatives in L.A. including a top agent and management who offered me representation. Since my return to the UK, Industry Hollywood has helped me through the process of obtaining my working papers. They introduced to me the right people and guided me every step of the way. Industry Hollywood goes above and beyond any expectations. They have supported me through everything and continue you to help me now that I am in L.A. They are always just a phone call way. You couldn't ask for anything more.

Katie Beresford, UK

I have been lucky enough to attend two Industry Hollywood Networking Weeks now and I cannot speak about them highly enough. For an actor at any stage of their career, this week is invaluable. Both weeks have, without question, been the most influential weeks of my acting life. I learned a lot about myself as a performer and as a person and greatly improved after each week. I have been lucky enough to acquire an O1 visa and due to my last Networking Week in April, I managed to secure representation with an agency.

I am chasing the dream and it all started with that first decision. Saying yes to the Industry Hollywood Networking Week was the best decision I ever made for my career and I cannot recommend it enough.

Earl Palmer, UK

I attended Industry Hollywood’s Visa Seminar four years ago in London. They definitely helped me with the O1 visa and transitioning to L.A. Now I am auditioning and working in the US. It's been the best decision I made for my acting career.

been living in LA for over two years now. I’m currently cast as one of the members of the Studio 4 TV Shows. All this is because of Industry Hollywood. I attended a Visa Seminar in Sydney in 2010 and know it was the best decision I've ever made! The seminar covered everything you need to know about how to move to LA, obtain your O1 and just make that exciting move to Hollywood. If you are ready and want to move and work in LA, Industry Hollywood is your answer!

Melissa Ricci, FRA

I attended the Industry Hollywood Visa Seminar, which helped me secure my O-1 Visa. Once I relocated to the U.S., I took part in the LA Networking Week in 2010, which was a vital instrument in helping me secure also my first L.A. manager and was a ton of fun! I've been living in LA for four years and have successfully secured agency representation in film/TV, commercial and modeling, and have been working consistently in all these fields.

I'm currently filming 'Lost Beneath the Stars' and just last week enjoyed both a modeling editorial and commercial shoot! Life is ever the adventure here in Los Angeles. Different projects, exciting opportunities; it's a rollercoaster I just love to ride! I highly recommend these courses to anyone eager to give it a shot. I did it, I'm doing it, and you can do it too!

Claire Bermingham, IRL


Industry Hollywood helped both of us successfully secure our working visas. They went above and beyond to help, advise and follow up.

We would certainly recommend working through Industry Hollywood

Matthew and Jeffrey Postlethwaite, UK

Just two short months after attending the L.A. Networking Week and I was here, my O1 visa and signed with a manager whom I'd met during the week.

Over three years later and I'm an established producer and director with 78 episodes of daytime TV under my belt, my own production company, a major drama of my creation in pre-production and several others being pitched ALL because of Industry Hollywood opening that door for me.

Len Davis, UK

Industry Hollywood’s Networking Week is packed with meetings, workshops and master classes with an array of L.A.’s finest. You’re given so many chances to shine. Every possible detail is covered and you come away from the week with extensive insight into how L.A. works and the possibilities that are out there for you.

Industry Hollywood also guided me through getting my O1 within four months.

Rick Tonna, AUS

I attended the L.A. Networking Week in April 2014 and I have to admit that it was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. I had an amazing time, met so many different agents, producers and acting teachers who I probably wouldn’t have had the opportunity to work with otherwise. It was also a good chance to check my acting skills.

I received great feedback and interest, which helped me to believe in myself and develop my acting career. Since then everything has changed in my life. I’ve filmed in London, had a photo session in Rhodes and recently got a part in a very well known Polish TV series. What are my plans? To act, of course and to return to L.A. and follow up with the industry professionals I met whilst on this invaluable week.

Bashia Hlado, POL

After Industry Hollywood help me get my visa, I attended the Networking Week twice, got an agent in Hollywood and moved to America. In the first 10 weeks I got 12 jobs, offers for two feature films, one pilot, and a film shoot with Disney.

If you want to take your career into your own hands, go do the Industry Hollywood Networking Week!

Napolean Ryan, UK

The Visa Seminar - If you want to live and work in America as an actor you need a visa. How do you get a visa? Go to Industry Hollywoods visa seminar! It is inexpensive and will save you a lot of money in the long run. Information is provided detailing exactly what needs to be done. Learn from someone who has already done the research and has had numerous amount of people successfully granted their visa because of it. I loved this seminar because everything was put simply and to the point, thank you Richard!

The Networking Week - I could not recommend Industry Hollywood enough! Richard is genius and gets you through the doors of Hollywoods top dog directors, managers, agents and casting directors who you would not be able to see otherwise. Although I had previously lived in Los Angeles I had not had the access that Richard was able to grant us during the week. You need to use every connection you can in this gritty industry - and the networking week gives you just that! My advice to newbies, stop being skeptical and grab the bull by the horns. As one of our acting workshop leaders said: "Live the dream, or someone else will. Thank you Richard!

Andréa Cerosio, UK

I first attending the Networking Week in 2007 and found it a fantastic experience. A week packed full and giving a comprehensive overview of the business in LA with access to some great industry professionals. It was also through Industry Hollywood that I gained my working papers and having enjoyed the Networking Week so much the first time and finding it valuable, went back for seconds in 2013.

That time I secured representation, allowing me to kick-start my career in the US. The Industry Hollywood team is full of help and advice and their likeability and genuine personas have given them unrivalled access to key industry people in LA. They open doors for those wanting to make the transition to the US.

Howard Corlett, UK

It was an easy decision for me to start pursuing a US work visa but countless meetings and interviews later I had more or less given up hope. I was in London when I first heard about Industry Hollywood.

I attended one of their Visa Seminars and decided to give the Networking Week a try. My first Week was an eye opening experience to say the least.

The list of industry professionals we would be meeting was hard to believe. I had spent time in LA so I knew how difficult it was to just get in the room, but here we were having meet and greets with some of the top names in the business. This was the first of three networking weeks for me (yes, it really is that good!).

I am now based in LA with more access to more of the most recognisable names than I could have ever dreamed. Pick up the phone to a top LA agent or casting director and say you met them through Industry Hollywood and you have an immediate and invaluable connection.

Not only this, but the Industry Hollywood experience will provide you with unparalleled insight into the workings of the business.

You'll get to see how each company works, which agents, managers or casting directors might be suitable for you as an actor. What path you would like to pursue. This provides the actor with one of the most valuable tools in his or her arsenal: empowerment. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, Industry Hollywood provided me with lifelong friends. To go through this experience with other actors is an incredibly positive and bonding experience.

You will get to see how your fellow actors use their own processes and methods in a variety of auditions, workshops and interviews. To see others succeed and do well is truly one of the most rewarding aspects of the week. Industry Hollywood has been one of the most formative experiences for me over the past few years.

Through the company I have created bonds both personally and professionally, which has enriched my life more than I could have imagined. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Keiran Biggs, IRL


Industry Hollywood made it seem possible to turn my dream into a reality. I had never been to L.A. when I signed up for the L.A. Networking Week. Being taken to hotspots, meeting acting coaches, agents and managers took a weight off my shoulders.

I have now worked on feature films and am guest starring on the hit US TV show, Hot in Cleveland, which premieres November 2014. Industry Hollywood gave me the stepping-stone I needed to prepare for my L.A. journey.

Nichola Flynn, UK

I first did the Industry Hollywood Networking Week in 2010 and had a fantastic time meeting casting directors, agents and managers and getting to know L.A. I had such a good experience I decided to repeat the Networking Week last November (2013).

Thanks to the Industry Hollywood team and all of their advice I then went back to the UK to work towards getting my O-1 visa, which was approved earlier this year. I moved to LA in July and haven't looked back, signing with a commercial agent I met on the week and securing a TV job, a sizzle and a theatre job in the last four months. Thanks to Industry Hollywood the experience was so much easier. I don't know how I would have made the move otherwise.

Susanne Roche, UK

I first did the Industry Hollywood Networking Week in 2010 and had a fantastic time meeting casting directors, agents and managers and getting to know L.A. I had such a good experience I decided to repeat the Networking Week last November (2013).

Sedina Sokolovic, AUS

I have been living in LA now for three years now, working and auditioning. When I first decided I wanted to come to LA from the UK where I had been working as an actor for many years, it was a bit daunting! First I thought ‘OK, get a flight, get some phone numbers and a pile of head shots and see what happens!’ I did some research and came across Industry Hollywood. The information was really helpful! I met them and decided to apply for my O1 visa with their guidance and signed up for the Networking Week.

I’m really glad I did because it was a great week. Very intense but we got real insight into the industry in L.A. and what you need to have and do to make a start here. We took part in workshops and were introduced to industry professionals who gave us invaluable advice. If I had just come out here without attending the week, it would have been a real struggle. When I returned to the UK after the Networking Week, I was ready to make the big move. My O1 visa was going through and all I had to do was make my plan. Because of the Networking Week I was offered representation and now I’m about to get my green card. I’ve also just finished filming a movie. L.A. is tough, but if you’re determined good things can happen!

Ray Trickitt, UK

I attended the Industry Hollywood Networking Week back in April 2012. The week itself was such a wonderful eye opener into the life of a working actor in L.A. Industry Hollywood helped me obtain my O1 visa and a year after attending the Networking Week, I moved to Los Angeles and signed with a manager that I had met during the networking week. I have since booked my first role in L.A in a feature film called "May the Best Man Win”. This is all thanks to Industry Hollywood!

Michelle Beamish, IRE

Words can simply not express my overwhelming gratitude to Industry Hollywood for helping me realize my Hollywood dreams are within reach! For 23 years I've been wondering if it could be at all possible and this last week has shown me YES IT IS!! We had some one-to-ones, which I am grateful for and this is a great thing you do! I had a great time and have made some really good friends and know I will be back and that's because of Industry Hollywood!

Mark Morris, RSA

The Industry Hollywood journey was without a shadow of a doubt the most inspiring and amazing insight into the entertainment industry. This journey saves you time and money. Industry Hollywood has a great network of people in the industry and I am astonished that no one has done what they have set out and accomplished. I couldn't recommend this trip enough; it's essential and part of your learning process.

It was also fun and a real buzz. We got to meet famous people like Pamela Anderson, Forrest Whitaker, Thomas Jane, and some guy from NSYNC. The horse riding in the Hollywood hills is breath taking so remember to bring your camera. Well-done industry Hollywood.

Farhan Khan, UK


Industry Hollywood provided me with that initial taste of what the business is like in LA. The Networking Week was a great eye opener and helped me understand the effort that is involved in building a career in LA. They gave me a huge amount of advice and guidance when it came to getting my visa for the US and were instrumental in me earning it.

I was part of the week back in 2009 and am still in close contact with various other people from our group. We shared the experience together and have now gone on to collaborate on projects together and support each other on our journey through the industry. That, amongst everything else, has been the key take away from the week I attended.

Ashley Tabatabai, UK


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