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Industry Hollywood gives international actors and entertainers the guidance, introductions and resources they need to hopefully succeed in the Los Angeles acting industry. Comprehensive visa seminars and one-on-one consultations provide invaluable advice on obtaining the appropriate visa, living in Los Angeles, finding an agent/manager and developing acting career strategies for success.

During our specially devised Networking Weeks in Los Angeles, Industry Hollywood provides personal introductions to key industry players such as directors, producers, casting directors and agents. Industry Hollywood provides an affordable solution for international actors to get that extra edge they need to stand out in a very competitive industry.

The next LA Networking Week will take place from:   LA EPISODIC SEASON ~TBC -  Book now »

The next Industry Hollywood Visa Seminar will be held in London  on  Saturday 15th February , 2020 from 11am – 2 pm Book now »

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If acting in America is your dream, make it a reality with Industry Hollywood.

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