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Success Stories - From around the globe!


Mike Chomiak

Attended both the Visa seminar and the networking week to LA , Mike was lucky enough to have an audition for  the new pilot , “The Dolls House “ , after giving an impressive read in a on camera workshop. Mike has since moved to LA , and signed with a manager he met on the networking week and has just finished filming on a Tim Burton project.


I can't recommend Richard Burke's networking week enough. If you're seriously considering moving to and working in LA, or merely interested in seeing how the industry works out there, the knowledge you'll gain and the contacts you'll meet will be invaluable. It's not often that you can truly describe something as 'life-changing', but if you prepare for, and make the most of Industry Hollywoods week, this can and will be. Without doubt, worth every penny. (And Richard's an all-right bloke as well.) I'm truly grateful for the effort and care that he's put into making this a perfect introduction to 'Hollywood'.

Katrina Nare

Attended the Industry Hollywood Networking week where she had the unique opportunity to Audition for a Samuel L Jackson Movie, She impressed an agent she met who submitted her and she had two auditions within the weeks timetable. Katrina Nare 2007.


Thanks for a great trip! I learnt so much and met some wonderful people. I gained a great insight into the industry and it has prepared me tremendously for my move to LA. Although we met a variety of people in the same field, every meeting was completely different and I learnt something new each time. Its hard to pick my best day, because everyday was fantastic. But if I had to, it would be the day I was offered representation, had a chance to audition for a feature film and put forward by my newly found LA manager , to play Samuel L Jackson's daughter. The trip created great opportunities for me and was worth every penny.

Mark Smith - Rhino from Gladiators

Mark Smith attended the visa seminar in London in Jan 2008, it took only 7 weeks for his Visa process, he moved to LA with his family, Mark attended the April Networking week where he was introduced to his LA Agent. Mark has booked 3 jobs within the first 3 months and also secured his SAG card. Mark Smith April 2008.

Kal Mansoor

After attending the March 2009 networking trip Kal secured a LA Manager, and is now in the process of getting his Visa after attending the Industry Hollywod Visa seminar in London. Kal Mansoor  March 2009.


"Thanks to Richard  and Industry Hollywood, I'm now in the process of getting my work visa, and also whilst on the Networking week, which is a life changing journey and I would recommend to any professional actor seriously considering LA, Plus whilst i was in LA on the Trip  I got signed by a LA manager, I hope to be out in LA in 2010" 

Keith Ducklin

"After attending the seminar in London, Industry Hollywood not only helped me with my visa process but also, as a direct result of attending the IH Networking week to LA in March 2009, I've just secured an agent in LA. I couldn't recommend IH enough, without their help all this wouldn't have been possible! Thank you so much for everything you have done, Richard."


Indra Ove

Indra Ove Attended the Networking week in LA and it only took 7 weeks for her to obtain her O1 visa with IH help so she could film on a feature with Renée Zelweger Indra Ove  2008.

Conor Ryan

Well Industry Hollywood can have a strange effect on you mate because guess what happened yesterday I signed a 3 year deal in Coronation St in the new family they recently cast. I play a character called Len Windass. I am not just saying this Rich but I think the added confidence I gained from going over there with you and meeting the top people in Hollywood really helped when I got back because the industry in the UK then shrunk and became far less intimidating to me.


Ezekiel Mirabito - Australia 2009

Ezekiel Mirabito 14year old actor from Sydney Australia attended the Industry Hollywood Visa seminar , he secured his 3 year visa, attended the IH Networking week in LA where he was offered both an LA  Agent and a LA manager, Zeike has recently booked work in LA which has secured his SAG card.

Ezekiel's Mum - "I'm Michelle Mirabito and Ezekiel is my 14year old son and we live in Sydney. Ezekiel has been in the performing arts since he was 6 years old. We have spent a lot of time and investment in Ezekiel's chosen career including a number of trips to the USA on various tours and attending many different seminars and programs.  It wasn't until we heard about Richard Burke , and Industry Hollywood that things started to happen for Ezekiel.

It started with the US Visa information seminar run by Richard Burke where we understood the realities of the challenge of pursuing a performing arts career in the USA. From the visa seminar we decided to follow the recommended steps and pursue an application through the formal process. This has resulted in Ezekiel being successful in obtaining an 01 Visa for 3 years. We then booked Ezekiel on the Industry Hollywood L.A networking week which also produced great results for us.  From this trip Ezekiel was able to secure a manager and an agent. We have just returned from the LA Pilot season from which Ezekiel booked a SAG job and now has his eligibility.

Performing arts is a difficult and heroic career choice for performers and their parents. There are many industry service providers in Australia and the USA but I have not found any to be as relevant or productive as Richard Burke and Industry Hollywood in securing prospects in the USA."

Alex Rzechowicz - Australia 2009

Alex Rzechowicz 16 year old actor from Sydney attended the Visa seminar in Sydney Australia in 2008, after securing his 3 year O1 Visa. Alex has since been in LA for 2009 pilot season  and has booked work and has now got his SAG card.

Alex's Mum "Richard Burke of Industry Hollywood was recommended to me by our agent. I had attended another "working in America" seminar and was thinking it was all too much to worry about, and then I heard about Richards seminar. I figured I might as well get another opinion. All I can say is, thank God I went !
Richards seminar was full of facts on how to work in America, get a visa, get an agent AND most importantly how to survive!
We were inspired by Richards seminar and started to research further. I found out that everything he had told us was real.  In the meantime, my son - Alex, had been approached (rather unexpectedly!!) by an LA agent for representation in America. Everything Richard has shown us fell into place. We thoroughly researched the agent and found out it was a legitmite offer. Alex then signed with the agent. In the meantime, I had been on the internet to Richard asking for help and advice. He ALWAYS responded to me and helped me out with some great information.

We decided to use Richards contacts in getting  the  visa and after 5 months, Alex got his O1 visa. Since then, we have been to America. Alex has worked in LA on a SAG project and is therefore now SAG eligible. He even got to work with a dual Academy Award winner - Janus Kaminski. All through the process, I kept in contact with Richard - for advice and help. My advice is ....Do your homework, gather as much information as you can, cross reference it to work out who is telling you information for their own profit and who is genuinely trying to help you. Richard falls into the latter category. I can't recommend him enough for his honesty and intergrity! Good luck to all! Live the dream"

Anne Rzechowicz

Nikola Dubois - Melbourne Australia

If you've ever dreamed of moving to Hollywood to follow your dream you would be CRAZY to not first of all come on over with Richard Burke and Industry Hollywood. I met people in the industry that people living over here for ten years wouldn't have a chance to meet. And really, at the end of the day, in Hollywood, it's all about 'who' you know... Anything can happen in Hollywood as they say... and anything does happen! Trust me. I've got a personal meeting with Paramount casting next week! Oh my God! I still can't believe it. So do yourself a favour. Let Richard give you all the ins and outs of this crazy tinsel town... and you'll have a rocking good time too!

Three of the  Australian actors attended the Networking week in September 2008 Nicola Dubios , Elliot Collinson Brandon kirk , all managed to get One on one meetings with CBS Paramount after a meeting at CAA on the Networking week. Nicola Dubios , Elliot Collinson Brandon kirk Austrlalia 2008